Links to relevant BIS/FSI papers:
  1. Payment holidays in the age of covid: implications for loan valuations, market trust and financial stability (May 2020): this article explores the various payment deferral programs introduced in various jurisdictions and outlines their implications for financial stability and how they are considered in banks’ published financial statements:

  2. Expected loss provisioning under a global pandemic (April 2020); this article takes stock of, and outlines the rationale behind the recent measures taken by regulators and standard-setters in the US and in IFRS compliant jurisdictions in implementing ECL methodologies; it also outlines the trade-offs involved:

  3. Prudential policy considerations under expected loss provisioning: lessons from Asia (2017): this paper explores the various prudential issues that arise for IRB and standardized approach banks that implement IFRS 9 (these policy challenges remain relevant today). It also takes stock of existing provisioning regimes in various jurisdictions in Asia: