ESG as a Source of Strategic Value Creation

The IACPM and Bain & Company are conducting a joint study to explore how IACPM member firms are leveraging ESG as a Source of Strategic Value Creation.

The three main objectives of the study are:

  • Review approaches currently in use or under consideration, including how to quantify expected gains/losses from a transition to Net Zero.
  • Develop insights on the current state — opportunities as well as challenges encountered — and the path forward.
  • Explore pragmatic and applied approaches to integrating climate risk factors into the strategic and capital planning processes.

The survey is currently ongoing and expected to close in August. Bain will collect all response data which will be kept strictly confidential. Study outputs will include a high-level published report summarizing key findings as well as a detailed benchmarking report which will be made available to participating firms only.

A working group of IACPM member volunteers directed the study to ensure the greatest value to IACPM members.

Please inquire to participate in the study.