ESG as a Source of Strategic Value Creation

The IACPM and Bain & Company are conducting a joint study to explore how IACPM member firms are leveraging ESG as a Source of Strategic Value Creation.

The three main objectives of the study are:

  • Review approaches currently in use or under consideration, including how to quantify expected gains/losses from a transition to Net Zero.
  • Develop insights on the current state — opportunities as well as challenges encountered — and the path forward.
  • Explore pragmatic and applied approaches to integrating climate risk factors into the strategic and capital planning processes.

Study outputs will include a high-level published report summarizing key findings as well as a detailed benchmarking report which will be  available to participating firms only. Results are expected in Fall 2022.

A working group of IACPM member volunteers directed the study to ensure the greatest value to IACPM members.

Please email for more information on the study.