To address topical issues related to credit risk and credit portfolio management, the Association has formed a number of committees and working groups. The Committees meet periodically to discuss important themes and issues affecting the discipline of credit portfolio management and also provide guidance to IACPM’s Board and membership on initiatives related to the measurement and management of risk and evolving industry practices. Members interested in participating on a committee are encouraged to contact the Chairperson or the IACPM Executive Director, Som-lok Leung, or IACPM Deputy Director, Marcia Banks.

Program Committee 

Chair: Marcia Banks, IACPM

This committee of practitioners creates the agenda for the next IACPM conference (Spring or Fall). The committee meets weekly via conference call.

Accounting Committee

Chair: Jennifer Bearden, IACPM

This committee works on accounting topics of importance to IACPM members, including response to proposed changes in accounting standards boards and implementation issues.

Education Committee

Chair: Marcia Banks, IACPM

The committee discusses and determines educational offerings provided by the IACPM, including the Educational Seminar offered in conjunction with IACPM Fall and Spring Conferences.

Middle Market Committee

Chair: TBD

The Committee serves as a discussion forum for IACPM members on issues related to middle market credit assets such as: risk governance; risk measurement and management; and stress testing. Projects have included benchmarking of private firm credit risk models and other issues affecting less liquid credit assets. The Committee holds an annual Middle Market Roundtable on evolving issues for these assets.

Regulatory Committee

Chair: Jennifer Bearden, IACPM

The Regulatory Committee reviews regulatory developments, identifies issues that are important for credit portfolio managers, and coordinates IACPM responses to regulators and supervisory bodies where appropriate.