To address topical issues related to credit risk and credit portfolio management, the Association has formed a number of committees and working groups. The Committees meet periodically to discuss important themes and issues affecting the discipline of credit portfolio management and also provide guidance to IACPM’s Board and membership on initiatives related to the measurement and management of risk and evolving industry practices. 

If you have any questions or are interested in joining a committee please contact Dani Gelband

Accounting Committee

The Accounting Working Group has actively been following developments in the IFRS9 and CECL implementation.

ESG & Climate Risk Focus Group

Meets periodically to discuss evolving risk assessments, metrics and portfolio approaches.

Credit Insurance Working Group

The Credit Insurance Working Group updated the Private Credit Risk Insurance (PCRI) survey from 2019. The 2021 survey had 52 participating banks and the results are currently being compiled. Additionally, the group plans to hold our yearly Credit Insurance Summit discussion to plan member and regulatory initiatives for 2022.

Education Committee

The committee discusses and determines educational offerings provided by the IACPM, including the Educational Seminar offered in conjunction with IACPM Fall and Spring Conferences.

Market Working Group

The Market Working Group meets as needed to discuss important market developments such as NoR CDS and Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB).  This group is currently looking at the SEC 9J-1 and 10B-1 proposals.

Program Committee 

This committee of practitioners creates the agenda for the next IACPM conference (Spring or Fall). The committee meets regularly via conference call.

Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee meets monthly to discuss current regulatory developments globally and to make recommendations on the issues that the IACPM should address in its advocacy efforts with regulators. All members are invited to participate.

Securitisation Working Group

The Securitisation Working Group meets when there are important projects that impact member firms involved in this space. The group is currently actively engaged with global regulators on Synthetic Risk Transfer, ESMA templates and ESG topics.  The group recently responded to the European Banking Package and the EBA non-sequential amortization consultation.