IACPM/McKinsey Study on Data and Analytics Innovations in CPM

The IACPM and McKinsey & Company are conducting a joint study to explore new data sources employed by IACPM member firms to enhance credit decision processes and inform credit portfolio management strategies.

The three main objectives of the study are:

  • Survey the range of industry practice on alternative data sources for credit risk identification, assessment, and monitoring (e.g., early warning indicators).
  • Understand degree to which different data types and analytical approaches are in use or under consideration across firms, geographies, sub-sectors, and C&I/CRE portfolio segments.
  • Develop insights on current state, challenges, and path forward for firms to incorporate next generation data and analytics.

Study outputs will include a high-level published report summarizing key findings as well as a detailed benchmarking report which will enable participating firms to confidentially benchmark practices with those of other leading financial firms.  Please inquire if you are interested in participation.