Realizing Climate Finance Opportunities

Financial institutions are launching strategies to capitalize on the opportunities stemming from the low carbon economy transition.

To better understand how financial institutions are navigating between the enormous potential of the climate and transition finance market and key challenges, Oliver Wyman and IACPM conducted interviews with 25 leading financial institutions (all IACPM members) alongside market research. Our study identified four concrete dimensions where financial institutions have developed innovative ways to deliver against their commercial strategy and climate goals:

  • Products and services
  • Deal-level capabilities and enablers
  • Risk Management and portfolio steering
  • Organizational enablers

Not every firm will want to be a leader in the climate and transition finance market. Some continue forward by building up capabilities via reassessing their risk appetite and investment profile. Innovators will have to decide how to orient their organization’s climate commercialization through existing and new actions at scale across the firm.

White paper available here.

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