IACPM Submits Responses to EC Basel III Consultation

The IACPM submitted responses to questions n°109 and n°146 of the European Commission (EC) Consultation “Implementing the Final Basel III Reforms in the EU”, which were due on January 3, 2020.

    • IACPM’s response to question n°109:  “In your view, which other aspects, if any, should be considered in the context of revising the CRM framework under the IRBA?”  can be accessed here.
    • The results summary of the IACPM/ITFA survey on Non-Payment Insurance referenced in the response to question n°109 can be accessed here.
    • IACPM’s response to question n°146: “What considerations should be taken into account regarding the implementation of the revised trading book boundary?” which focuses on Net Short Credit/Equity in the Banking Book can be accessed here.


All public responses to the EC Consultation on Basel III will be available soon on EC’s website.