Craig Broderick’s Biography

Craig Broderick presently serves on the Board of Directors of Bank of Montreal, which he joined in 2018.  He retired from Goldman Sachs in January 2018 after 32 years, having served most recently as the firm’s Chief Risk Officer from 2008-2018, responsible for the firm’s credit, market, operational, model and independent liquidity risk, as well as insurance.  He was a member of Goldman’s Management Committee and chair or co-chair of Goldman’s most senior risk committees.  At the time of his retirement, Mr. Broderick was the longest serving chief risk officer on Wall Street among the major institutions. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Broderick worked at the Chase Manhattan Bank. Mr Broderick holds a BA (Econ) from The College of William and Mary, in Virginia, and has been active with his alma mater including serving for eight years until 2017 as a Trustee, and as chair of its Investment Committee. He is active in a variety of non-profit organizations.  He remains a Senior Director of Goldman Sachs, and is a senior advisor to Stone Point Capital and Credit Benchmark organizations.