Adrian Docherty’s Biography

Adrian Docherty leads the Bank Advisory team at BNP Paribas, which provides key relationship bank clients with technical sector expertise and help on strategic financial issues relating to balance sheet management and efficiency. In practice, this means advising on capital raising alternatives, risk management and transfer frameworks, regulatory developments (especially Basel III and IV), accounting changes (especially IFRS 9/CECL), funding/liquidity strategies, credit portfolio management, solvency creation/optimisation structures and innovative ways of financing growth. In recent years, the issue of “disruption and obsolescence” (ie. new banking business models) has increasingly been featured; so now too are strategies around Brexit. Adrian has 27 years’ experience in advising financial institutions, initially as a strategy consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. After nine years at Booz Allen, Adrian was hired by one of his clients, Barclays, to help run the rapidly growing investment banking business line. Adrian spent three years as COO of Investment Banking, before moving to run the balance sheet advisory team in Barclays Capital’s Financial Institutions Group. Adrian has a Master’s from Cambridge University. His book “Better Banking: Understanding and Addressing the Failures in Risk Management, Governance and Regulation” was published by Wiley in 2014.