Credit and Political Risk Insurance 2023

The IACPM and the ITFA (International Trade and Forfaiting Association) have partnered once again to conduct a periodic survey on Credit and Political Risk Insurance (CPRI), excluding ECA cover.

The survey focused on current practices for CPRI policies eligible as Basel-compliant guarantees and used by banks as a credit risk mitigation (CRM) tool to release capital and/or increase lending capacity at single loan/single borrower level. The survey focused exclusively on insurance protections provided by private firms, and therefore excluded government backed protections like ECA covers.

Survey results enable participating firms to confidentially benchmark CPRI practices with those of other leading financial firms and inform the discussion with the most relevant prudential policy makers.

Detailed results of the 2023 survey will be shared with the 48 participating firms in a couple of weeks.  An Executive Summary of survey findings and a selection of high level results will be available shortly after.

Results from past surveys can be found here.