IACPM Annual Spring Conference Madrid, May 19-20, 2022

DAY 1 – Thursday, May 19, 2022


  • Som-lok Leung, IACPM
  • Cam DesBrisay, Royal Bank of Canada

PLENARY SESSION I: Economic Outlook and Credit Strategy

PLENARY SESSION II: Sustainability as the Central Component of Business Strategy

  • Antoni Ballabriga, BBVA
  • Som-lok Leung, IACPM

PLENARY SESSION III: Priorities for Finance in an Evolving Environment

  • Carlos Muniz, Banco Santander
  • Som-lok Leung, IACPM

Stream A: Evolution of CPM

Building Next Generation CPM Models. Does the Originate and Distribute Model Work?

  • Ian Shipley, Oliver Wyman
  • Syril Pathmanathan, DE Shaw
  • Cam DesBrisay, Royal Bank of Canada

There is No Free Lunch – How Portfolio Managers Need to Adapt to a Shifting Macroeconomic Paradigm (pdf)

  • Martin Zorn, Kamakura Corporation

Basel IV (aka Final Basel III): CPM is the key to deal with its flaws/floors (pdf)

  • Adrian Docherty, BNP Paribas
  • Nimesh Verma, BNP Paribas

ESG Scoring: Practical Approaches (pdf)

  • Luigi Burgoni, Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Biagio Giacalone, Intesa Sanpaolo

Credit Portfolio Steering and Stress Testing Under Climate Scenarios

  • Joseba Eceiza, McKinsey & Company
  • Alberto Gómez Pajares, McKinsey & Company

STREAM B: Risk Sharing and Market Developments

Improvements to the SRT Market – Investors’ Perspectives (pdf)

  • Kaelyn Abrell, ArrowMark Partners
  • Vincent Charles-Gervais, M&G Investments
  • Martijn van der Molen, Christofferson, Robb & Company
  • Jason Marlow, Barclays

ESG and Credit Risk: The Path from Climate Scenarios to Financial Stress (pdf)

  • Loïs Beyriere, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Synthetic Securitisation and STS:  A Case Study

  • Bruno Bancal, BNP Paribas
  • Presiyan Petkov, European Commission
  • Angélique Pieterse, PGGM
  • Toby Gray, Linklaters

The Loan Market in Europe: Latest Developments (pdf) 

  • Jane Gray, Covenant Review
  • Joanne Lloyd, JPMorgan
  • Chris White, Barclays

CPM Current Priorities

  • Kuveshen Chetty, Nedbank
  • Natalie Chiaramonte, Sovereign Risk Insurance
  • Benedicte Guerin, BNP Paribas
  • James Parsons, PAG
  • Victor Salgado, AIIB
  • Valeria Smarrini, AIIB
  • Lukasz Stepien, ING
  • Marcia Banks, IACPM


DAY 2 – Friday, May 20, 2022

PLENARY SESSION I: Regulatory Priorities – An African Perspective

  • Kuben Naidoo, Reserve Bank of South Africa

PLENARY SESSION II: The Journey and the Destination: Regulatory Priorities Looking Forward

  • Maria Abascal, Spanish Banking Association
  • Angel Estrada, Bank of Spain
  • Hanna Lenart, ING
  • Adrian Docherty, BNP Paribas

PLENARY SESSION III: ESG, Climate and the Transition Path

  • Alan Haywood, BP Corporation
  • Nasreen Kasenally, UBS
  • Sue Lloyd, Standards Board
  • Tamar Joulia, IACPM

PLENARY SESSION IV: Chief Executive Perspective with Alison Rose, NatWest

  • Alison Rose, NatWest Group plc
  • Som-lok Leung, IACPM

Stream A: Evolution of CPM

Integrated Risk Assessment for Credit Portfolio Management (pdf)

  • Gustavo Ordonez, Moody’s Analytics

Greening Portfolio: 360 Overview Across Asset Classes

  • Neven Graillat, JPMorgan

Stream B: Risk Sharing and Market Developments

Securitisation in an Insecure World (pdf)

  • Omar Dapul, Allvue Systems

New Ways That Insurance is Adding Value for Lenders, Borrowers & Investors

  • Andrew Cormack, Banco Santander
  • Mark Harwood, Axis Capital
  • Oscar Holloway, Marsh Credit Specialties