IACPM Comments on Basel Committee’s Revisions to the Securitisation Framework (BCBS 269)

The IACPM has joined other associations to comment on the proposals set out in the second consultative document “Revisions to the Basel Securitization Framework” published by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision on December 21, 2013 (BCBS 269). The joint association letter addresses the capital calibration issues proposed by the Basel Committee that will put pressure on securitized structures.

In addition, the IACPM has also submitted a supplemental letter, in support of the joint association letter, but highlighting the importance of bank balance sheet securitizations as a risk management tool for portfolio managers.  An attached appendix includes a number of investor comments on the value of bank balance sheet securitisations.

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Complete list of comments received by the BCBS

Revisions to the securitisation framework – consultative document