ESG and Climate Study Shows Significant Progress

The IACPM has published a white paper with the findings of the 2022 ESG & Climate Risk Management Frameworks member survey. The survey kicked-off the IACPM Research: ESG Climate Risk Series, which will continue into 2023.

The survey data shows that approaches for the integration of ESG & climate risks into risk management processes depend largely on the nature, size, and region of a firm, but are also influenced by the type of assets held in the portfolio and existing organizational structures. There is no “one-size fits all” and firms are continuing to apply significant resources to develop and adapt as appropriate to meet new challenges and seize opportunities.

Industry players across sectors and regions recognize the significance of ESG & climate risk factors for credit portfolios and are accelerating efforts to adjust internal risk management processes, including concentration risk frameworks. Planned headcount increases, which are largest at CRO/Risk offices and the Line of Business, are a reflection of the existing momentum.