IACPM Virtual Spring Conference, May 19-21, 2021

DAY 1 – Wednesday, May 19, 2021


  • Som-lok Leung, IACPM
  • Cam DesBrisay, Royal Bank of Canada 

PLENARY SESSION: Regulatory Priorities – Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

  • Carolyn Rogers, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

PLENARY SESSION: Future of Financial Services: Banks and Nonbanks in the New Environment

  •  Jean Pierre Mustier, Pegasus Acquisition Company Europe

PLENARY SESSION: The Path of Recovery: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Philippe Bordenave, BNP Paribas

STREAM A: New Approaches for CPM

Redefining Risk Management in the New Environment: Non-Financial Risks A Panel Discussion

  • Lorraine Audsley, Export Development Canada
  • Gert Kruger, FirstRand Group
  • Jeffery Weaver, KeyBank
  • Chi Lai, The Boston Consulting Group 

Fiscal and Monetary Stimulus Worried About Unintended Consequences? (pdf)

  • Martin Zorn, Kamakura Corporation 

Generating Actionable Forward-Looking Insight: Integrating Novel Data Sources to Improve Decision Making (pdf)

  • Jeffrey Bohn, Swiss Re

STREAM B: Risk Mitigation and Risk Sharing 

Securitisation – Key Challenges and Opportunities for 2021

  • Mederic Brochier, BNP Paribas
  • Fernando Gonzalez, European Central Bank
  • Kaiko Kakalia, Chorus Capital 
  • Pablo Sinausia Rodriguez, European Banking Authority 
  • Tamar Joulia, IACPM 

Tomorrow’s Fires: Three New Challenges (and Opportunities) facing Credit Portfolio Managers (pdf)

  • Omar Zapul, Allvue Systems
  • Rob Marinaro, Allvue Systems

New Products in Risk Management

  • Oliver Furst, Raiffeisen Bank International
  • Fiona Walden, Renaissance Reinsurance Limited 
  • Tim Cleary, Clifford Chance 

DAY 2 – Thursday, May 20, 2021

PLENARY SESSION: Senior Executives’ Views – Asset Management and Insurance

  • Willem Jan Brinkman, PGGM
  • Renaud Guidee, AXA Group
  • Nasreen Kasenally, UBS
  • James Turner, Prudential plc
  • Marcia Banks, IACPM

PLENARY SESSION: Lessons Learned in the Crisis: Vision for Financial Services 

  • Sanaz Zaimi, Bank of America

PLENARY SESSION: ESG and Climate: The Path to Sustainable Finance A Panel Discussion

  • Morgan Despres, Banque de France
  • Veronique Ormezzano, BNP Paribas
  • Mercedes Sotoca, ING Group
  • Tamar Joulia, IACPM

Stream A: New Approaches for CPM

The Roadmap for Sustainability Testing the application of the EU Taxonomy to core banking products (pdf)

  • Lucile de la Jonquiere, Societe Generale
  • Brent Matthies, Nordea
  • Corinne Raux, UNEP FI
  • Leanne Banfield, Linklaters LLP

Managing Credit Risk and Emerging Threats: Lessons from the Gaps Revealed by the Pandemic (pdf)

  • Jim Hempstead, Moody’s Investors Service
  • Amnon Levy, Moody’s Analytics
  • Libor Pospisil, Moody’s Analytics

Models, Scenarios and CPM: Practitioner Approaches

  • Adam Ashcraft, Bank of America
  • Eli Kollman, Bank of America 

Stream B: Capital and Markets: Trends and Outlook

“Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer”: Strategic Perspectives on Banking (pdf)

  • Adrian Docherty, BNP Paribas

US Credit Markets: The Path Forward (pdf)

  • Erin Lyons, CreditSights

IFRS 9 – Lessons Learned and Path Forward

  • Andrew Hammond, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Chris Innes-Wilson, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sue Lloyd, IASB
  • Adrian Docherty, BNP Paribas

DAY 3 – Friday, May 21, 2021

PLENARY SESSION: Senior Executives Perspectives

  • Kieran Fallon, PNC Financial Services Group
  • Pam Kaur, HSBC
  • Stuart Lewis, Deutsche Bank
  • Som-lok Leung, IACPM

PLENARY SESSION: Strategic Goals in the New Environment Board Members Perspective

  • Morten Friis, NatWest
  • Julie Galbo, DNB Bank ASA
  • Mark Hughes, UBS
  • William Ledger, JPMorgan

Stream A: New Approaches for CPM

LIBOR Transition – What CPM Needs to Know (pdf)

  • Meredith Coffey, LSTA
  • Francois Favret, Natixis
  • Andrew Man, Citigroup
  • John O’Sullivan, HSBC

ESG & Climate Risk – A Priority Topic for Banks Globally

  • Jason Eis, Vivid Economics
  • Daniel Mikkelsen, McKinsey & Company

Stream B: Capital and Markets: Trends and Outlook

Loan Market Trends – Structures and Implications

  • Michele Penzer, Lathan and Watkins
  • Marisa Sotomayor, Paul Hastings
  • Charles Tricomi, Xtract Research LLC
  • Alexis Bancroft, Barclays Capital

Private Credit Risk Insurance (pdf)

  • Tim Bradford, Leadenhall Adjusting Ltd
  • Jean-Maurice Elkouby, ING Group
  • Gary Lowe, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Andrew van den Born, Willis Towers Watson
  • Stuart Ashworth, Willis Towers Watson