Mobilisation of Private Capital in Relation to UN Sustainable Development Goals

The IACPM conducted research focusing on the Mobilisation of Private Capital in Relation to UN Sustainable Development Goals:  Bank Interaction with Development Finance Institutions. The study involved in-depth interviews with eighteen prominent global private sector banks, which collectively hold approximately $25 trillion in assets, and was conducted in collaboration with Christopher McHugh, researcher at University of Southampton Business School and Senior Adviser to IACPM.

The primary motivation for the IACPM research is the global push toward fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and efforts to engage private sector capital to bridge the funding gap and increase from ‘billions to trillions’ of investments.  The research seeks to broaden our members’ understanding of private sector capital mobilisation by exploring the relationship between private sector banks and development finance institutions (DFIs) – from the perspective of the private sector.

The research was organized around the following key themes:

  • Lending framework with respect to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Risk/reward of lending to development projects
  • DFI relationship overall

The full white paper can be accessed here.