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Credit Portfolio Managers Met in New York City at the IACPM 2009 Fall General Meeting

New York, NY – Portfolio managers gathered at the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers’ 2009 Fall General Meeting this past week generally agreed the risk of financial meltdown appears over, and what lies ahead for the capital markets and the economy is difficult but familiar. Defaults remain a concern, so does the sluggish economy. Managers …

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Third Quarter 2009 – Press Release

Expectation for Further Defaults Falls Sharply Spreads Expected To Widen But Forecast Is Less Pronounced New York, NY – Expectations for further credit defaults and widening credit spreads fell sharply in the latest IACPM Credit Outlook Survey. Overall, survey respondents still believe defaults will rise over the next 12 months but there is far less consensus …

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First Quarter IACPM Credit Outlook Survey Forecasts Wider Credit Spreads

New York, NY – Respondents turned decidedly more negative in the latest quarterly IACPM Credit Outlook survey released today by the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers. The survey, taken among members of the Association, indicate portfolio managers believe credit spreads will widen, as credit defaults increase. The IACPM Major Markets Credit Spread Outlook Index, which …

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IACPM Credit Outlook Survey Forecasts Tighter Spreads for Investment Grade Credit

New York, NY – A fourth quarter survey of members of the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers shows portfolio managers expect credit spreads to tighten over the next three months for investment grade credit, especially in the U.S.. The IACPM’s fourth quarter Credit Spread Outlook Index for U.S. investment grade debt is a positive 25.5, …

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