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Managing Non-Financial Risks

Managing Non-Financial Risks IACPM/ BCG Study 2020 Non-financial risks related to Information Security & Cyber, Climate Change & ESG, Pandemics & Resiliency, Reputational Risk, and Technological Innovation/ Digital Risk are emerging. Traditional forms of credit and portfolio analysis need to be augmented with new ways to consistently identify, assess and measure these risks so that …

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Climate Risk

ESG, Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Research This page provides easy access to IACPM Research related to ESG, Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance. Some resources will require a login and are for IACPM members only. Sustainable Finance Mobilization of Private Capital in Relation to UN Sustainable Development Goals study 2021 ESG & Climate-Change Related Risk …

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Climate Risk (Copy)

Assessing and Advancing Climate Risk Awareness IACPM/ Oliver Wyman 2018 Study Facing the increasing impacts around climate risk, financial institutions must develop a thorough understanding of the risks involved and how best to assess and measure those risks so that they can be incorporated in strategic planning exercises, risk appetite statements, portfolio management, and credit …

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Making the Most of XVA: Practitioner Perspectives IACPM/Fintegral 2018 Study IACPM in conjunction with Fintegral, a specialist consultancy, conducted a benchmarking survey with focus on evolving organizational structures around XVA desks. This topic received a lot of interest at past IACPM Counterparty Roundtable discussions and hasn’t been explored in detail by any other industry studies thus …

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