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IACPM Credit Outlook Survey Sees Defaults Rising From Recent Low Levels

High Yield Credit Spreads Forecast to Widen as Investors Re-Price Risk      New York, NY – Amidst the US Federal Reserve’s consideration of ending its quantitative easing program, almost half the respondents to the latest IACPM’s Credit Outlook Survey forecast rising default rates and widening high yield credit spreads. The Aggregate Credit Default Outlook Index moved …

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IACPM Credit Outlook Survey Close to Neutral as Outlook for Credit Spreads Eases

Respondents Point to Plateau; Outlook for Corporate Credit Defaults Rises Modestly      New York, NY – Respondents to the latest IACPM Credit Outlook Survey took a decidedly neutral approach to the outlook for credit spreads over the next three months, with a large number forecasting spreads would remain unchanged from current levels. The outlook is sharply …

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Sentiment Considerably Improved in Latest IACPM Credit Outlook Survey

Outlook for Credit Spreads Strongly Positive; Default Outlook Negative but Better       New York, NY – Survey respondents in the IACPM Credit Outlook survey turned sharply positive in the latest reading, forecasting tighter credit spreads and becoming considerably less pessimistic about the prospects for credit defaults. Measured at the beginning of the year, the IACPM Credit …

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