Assessing and Advancing Climate Risk Awareness

IACPM/ Oliver Wyman 2018 Study

Facing the increasing impacts around climate risk, financial institutions must develop a thorough understanding of the risks involved and how best to assess and measure those risks so that they can be incorporated in strategic planning exercises, risk appetite statements, portfolio management, and credit decision processes. Lack of experience and scarcity of historical data make this a daunting task. However, increasing climate risk awareness may also help financial institutions further create value for clients.

The IACPM has partnered with Oliver Wyman to conduct a benchmarking project on the topic which will focus on strategic and business implications of climate change.

Study outputs will include a high level published report summarizing project findings as well as a detailed benchmarking report which will be made available to project participants. 

Please contact Juliane Saary-Littman for more information.